From concept to reality!

The all new Mercedes-Benz Actros 2012 truck. Our Enginnering team participated on development of most complex plastic parts on Front Module.

We specialize in plastic and sheet metal parts for automotive industry, but there is so much more that we are capable of. Find out what we can do for you in our services, or have a peek at our references.

Design engineering

From initial concept to the final implementation, we offer solutions in automotive and aerospace industry. Plastic, metallic as well as composite parts, which just works together - that is our goal.

Concept engineering

At the very beginning of a product design, there is a place for new solutions, new inventions and new ideas. Keeping innovation in mind, we offer pre-developement services like 2D pricipal sectioning, 3D concepts and product studies.

Computer simulation

There is no need to build a physical prototype for tests any more. Many test procedures can be now done by FEM calculations, static stress simulations, flow and thermal analysis and more.