How to start cooperation

Testing phase

In this branch is very important trust and knowledge of each other, which has to be built up step by step between customer and supplier. That is why in the first step we are offering to perform some partial jobs for free as a testing, here in our office located in Trencin or directly at customer. Offered volume of this test job is cca 40 - 60 hours for free. After testing procedure customer can more easily consider whether our competence and ability to meet his requests and expectations.

Personal planing and quotation

In second step we provide personal profiles of our engineers actually available for new project. Our CAD Engineering Specialists are classified into 3 Classes: A, B, C according to their experience, ? of years in branch, communicative skills, ability to manage groups, software skills, ability to localize problem, describe it, propose solution and realise solution. Important are references from recent projects as well as many other attributes and characteristics expected from good engineer.

Define commercial conditions

Cooperation can start based on frame contract (long therm), supplier contract (mid term), and monthly, quarterly, half year purchase orders (short term), depending on character of project and suppliers standard way of purchasing.


During the project we request feedback from our customer in order to improve our services, planning and references. This information is relevant records for motivation system of bonuses for our employees.